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I read that you were scouted along Oxford Street as a teenager – it must have been strange to suddenly have people say “Do you want to be a model?”
I really wasn’t comfortable at that point with it so I waited a year, and even then I was doing karate competitions and wearing baggy combats and t-shirts. I used to be terrified going into the agency, they’d always be trying to get me to put a skirt and heels on!

What would you have been doing if you weren’t modelling?
My life doesn’t really consist of just modelling; I do everything I’m interested in from writing music to acting and photography.

You’re often regarded as the cool girl. What does that term mean to you?
If you think you’re a cool girl then you’re probably not cool. You might LOOK cool, but that doesn’t mean you ARE. I think cool people are those who teach you things – something I don’t know already. That’s what I’m after in life.

What’s your geekiest throwback?
Probably when I made a PowerPoint presentation for my Dad as to why I should get a hamster.

Did you get a hamster in the end?
Of course, perseverance is key.

You’ve previously expressed a love of literature – what are the poetic phrases you live by?
“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn like fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars.”
– Jack Kerouac

What’s the most lavish day you’ve had?
I had my hair braided and then a vitamin drip before I went to Glastonbury… I felt a little silly and lavish!
Tell me your finest joke.

What did the elephant say to the naked man?
How have you managed to eat with that? Ha, ha.

You’re also a talented photographer – what are your proudest pictures?
I documented a lot of my little brother and sister growing up. Those feel particularly special.

Any plans to exhibit your work?
I’ve done one already – but I’d love to do a book at some point. I bring a scrapbook around with me everywhere – taking pictures, polaroids, and writing about memories and things I’ve seen and felt. I don’t want to rush it though, I feel these sorts of projects need to take a long time. I think it’s an important thing to do, as these days with social media it’s so easy to forget everything you’ve done. You can document your former selves- you’re always changing, after all.

What do you listen to when you’re down and really wanting to feel that emotion?
‘I Don’t Blame You’ by Cat Power, or ‘Doll Parts’ by Hole. There’s an amazing song too by Arthur Godfrey called ‘It’s All Part of the Story’.

What’s #1 on your playlist?
‘Ain’t No Mountain High Enough’.

First gig?
Missy Elliott at Hammersmith Apollo.

That’s not fair, you’re not meant to have a credible first gig!
Ha ha, I’m sorry!! It was kinda cool.

Who was your ‘crush’ back in the TOTP days?

Jon from S Club 7. Yes, the gay member. I used to make out with his poster.

Any embarrassing songs you’re totally not embarrassed by?
‘Inner smile’ by Texas.

There’s nothing embarrassing about that!
Yeah that’s true actually, Texas are awesome. Okay, maybe ‘Make Me Smile’ by Steve Harley & Cockney Rebel. So many smiles going on.

Who’s on your radar or who would you recommend we listen to?
Habibi, Jon Marten, Aim, Jethroll Tull. I also like Jack Garrett. Oh and Karen O’s solo material- such a raw, demo style.

A lot of people attach 60s reference to your look – what is it about that era you like?
I’ve always liked the play on girly and sweet, mixed with a sense of randomness. It was dorky in the 60s, and sexy but not overtly so. People are too put together these days, there’s not enough weird going on. Sometimes if I put an outfit on Instagram some people will comment going “Ooh the bag and the dress doesn’t go”- well maybe I didn’t care that they didn’t. I almost like the ugly in fashion.

Have you ever had a “What was I thinking” fashion moment that you laugh about?
There was this spacesuit type number, that’s the only way I can best describe it. Oh and I wore combats for years, complete with chains. I feel like I go out in laughable outfits even now, regularly!

Who are your style icons?
Cate Blanchett, she seems like the most intelligent person in the world. You always have to go back to Kate Moss too, because she’s Kate Moss.

What are the style rules you go by?
Always big up the hair. Always mess it up more.

Always make a lot of mess getting ready.
Nothing too put together.
Just look at yourself in the mirror before you go out and be like “Yes!” Then crack yourself a smile on the way out.

QUICK-FIRE choices
Velvet or Satin?

Military jacket or biker?
Biker jacket

Leopard or fur?

Ruffles or lace?

Checks or stars?

Frayed or patched denim?


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