I added the new campaign of Suki for Burberry. This time is for the new Burberry Kisses Lip Colour. She is gorgeous one again for the promo! Enjoy !

Burberry [2013- ?] > Make-Up > Burberry Kisses Lip Colour [2015]


Q. What’s in your make-up bag today?
A. Burberry Fresh Glow Luminous Fluid Base and Burberry Kisses in Rose Pink which I use on my cheeks too!

Q. What was it like shooting with Mario Testino for the Burberry Kisses campaign?
A. Amazing. I’ve never met someone with so much energy that charges the shoot. The pictures feel very early ‘2000′s Mario’. I can’t wait to see the campaign!

Q. What is your favourite shade from the Burberry Kisses range?
A. Rose Pink.

Q. What’s the best beauty advice you’ve ever been given?
A. Meditation. Also writing lists of things you’d like to release and let go of and burning them. I believe we are most beautiful when we are constantly shedding our old selves and moving into new light.

Q. What are your beauty sins? Have you had any beauty disasters?
A. So many! When I was 14 I couldn’t be bothered to tweeze my eyebrows so I would shave them inbetween. One time my hand slipped and I had half an eyebrow.

Q. What’s your daily beauty regime?
A. Cleanse, vitamin C serum and twice a week retinol at night.

Q. What’s your favourite make-up product of the minute?
A. The new Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer.

Q. For a special occasion what’s your go-to beauty look?
A. Cat eye!!

Burberry Kisses will be available on Burberry.com and TheBay.com from March 2015


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