Suki Waterhouse has teamed up with the Japanese clothes/pajamas brand, ‘Gelato Pique’ for the fall/winter collection. The collection is very cocoon and natural, and the collection works because half of the items are already sold out ! Also check out behind the scenes of the photoshoot in a video made by the brand. Enjoy!

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Suki is featuring in the new issue of Vanity Fair. I have added the scan, and the photoshoot in the gallery. She is really stunning, love the 60’s look! Enjoy!

Magazine Scans > From 2017 > Vanity Fair [April]
Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > Vanity Fair [2017]

The Stunning Suki Waterhouse, Our April 2017 Vanities Star

The U.K. native is already a fashion-world staple, but this month she sets her sights on Hollywood, with the lead role in Starz’s The White Princess.

AGE: 25.

PROVENANCE: London, England.

BLOWUP: Discovered at 16, Waterhouse became an international “It girl” overnight. “I didn’t feel like I fit into the fashion world—I’m not a six-foot gazelle. Burberry was my big fashion break.”

STIFF UPPER LIP: Acting is her inherent calling. “All anyone does is act—starting as a baby playing peekaboo for applause. Then, when you get into the business side, 90 percent is dealing with rejection.”

HORSING AROUND: This month she stars as Cecily of York in the Starz mini-series adaptation of Philippa Gregory’s The White Princess. “I go against my family, even though the stakes are high to keep the throne. I ride sidesaddle for the action scenes.”

90210: Later this year, she’ll trade corset for Corvette as Quintana in a remake of Billionaire Boys Club. “It’s a true story about some very naughty boys who get caught up in a Ponzi scheme—the girls are just as cheeky.”

IN THE CAN: Future projects include The Bad Batch, with Keanu Reeves, Future World, with James Franco, and Sam (son of Barry) Levinson’s Assassination Nation.

ENTREPRENEUR: Waterhouse founded the predominantly pink accessories line Pop & Suki with best friend Poppy Jamie. “I’m excited about expansion, and I love all the messages that our color pink encompasses today.”


In the new issue, out 3rd November, Suki talks online dating, being rubbish on social media and reveals what the future has in store.

Discussing her love life, Suki, who previously dated Bradley Cooper, said: “I’m on Raya [a dating app popular with celebrities, aka The Illuminati Tinder]. Me and my sister [Immy, also a model and actress] are on it. We just talk to each other instead of potential dates. I know that in the future I want to be in a committed, loving relationship and have kids. Even though I’m happy being single, I spend a lot of time dreaming about being in love. But right now, I’m building… I’m doing all these things for me. I don’t know if I have the tools to be in a relationship right now.”

Suki is too busy for love, what with a stellar modelling career and a new business venture with her TV presenter best friend, Poppy Jamie. The pair decided there were no fashion brands who catered for girls who wanted to enjoy fashion with their friends, so they decided to do something about it. Enter accessories brand, POP&SUKI. The collection launches at the end of the month, and it’s guaranteed to be on everyone’s Christmas list this year.

Suki and Poppy are very active on social media, but Suki says it’s not all as it seems: “It’s all grossly inaccurate,” she said. “Everything that’s put on social media is distorted. All these steps that you take to show everyone on the internet that you’re perfect.

“It’s not even a tiny bit like it. But still, I’ll look at someone’s account and think, ‘Wouldn’t it be great to be her?’ It’s stupid. I know that people are looking at my account and might be thinking the same.”


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Magazine Scans > From 2016 > SUITCASE: Vol. 16 The Spirit Issue
Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > SUITCASE [2016]
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Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > Vogue Me (China) [2016]
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Magazine Scans > From 2016 > Vanity Fair On Jewellery [August]
Studio Photoshoots > Sessions & Outtakes > Vanity Fair On Jewellery [2016]

Vanity Fair On Jewellery: Suki’s way

Suki Waterhouse turned up to be photographed for Vanity Fair On Jewellery looking as if she’d just hopped off a motorcycle in the rain: wet hair, cropped jacket, backpack, piercings. She said a warm hello to the first person she bumped into—who turned out to be one of the dozen security guards accompanying the incredible jewels we were about to photograph her wearing—and settled down to have her hair and make-up done with all the ease of someone flopping on to a beanbag.

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‘Pride and Prejudice and Zombies’ Stars Lily James, Bella Heathcote, and Suki Waterhouse Are the Coolest Women in the World Right Now

In the new horror-comedy mash-up ​Pride and Prejudice and Zombies​, Jane Austen’s romance-minded Bennet sisters are skilled in martial arts and swordplay. In other words, they kick ass. Actresses Lily James, Suki Waterhouse, and Bella Heathcote—the stars of our January “Next Big Thing” issue—more than fit the bill. Here, a sneak peek of their ​Marie Claire​ covers.

Suki Waterhouse on dyeing her hair for the film: “You watch America’s Next Top Model, and you’re like, ‘Why are these girls crying about their hair?’ But then it happens to you! It sounds so pathetic, but I definitely cried.”

On being a brown belt in karate and going through martial arts training for PPZ: “I grew up doing karate, and my dad taught at our local center. I stopped doing it when I started getting boobs, because I’d get punched in the boob, and it would be so painful.”

​​On her most recent concert: “Oh God! I actually took my little sisters to see One Direction.”​

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