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I read that you were scouted along Oxford Street as a teenager – it must have been strange to suddenly have people say “Do you want to be a model?”
I really wasn’t comfortable at that point with it so I waited a year, and even then I was doing karate competitions and wearing baggy combats and t-shirts. I used to be terrified going into the agency, they’d always be trying to get me to put a skirt and heels on!

What would you have been doing if you weren’t modelling?
My life doesn’t really consist of just modelling; I do everything I’m interested in from writing music to acting and photography.

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A few days ago, Magnum announced a partnership with Suki Waterhouse, and launch the Magnum Double. Its newest and most indulgent range with three flavours, Double Chocolate, Double Caramel and Double Peanut Butter. I have added the photoshoot, which by the way, is wonderful ! Enjoy!

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Here are the first look to Amazon Fashion’s collection featuring Suki with those 3 photos. She is, once again, gorgeous! Can’t wait for more. Enjoy !

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Suki is the new muse for the U.S hair brand Redken. I added several photos for the campaign Diamond Oil Glow Dry. She is really gorgeous for the promo! Enjoy !

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Suki Waterhouse is Redken’s new brand muse, we can exclusively reveal, joining fellow models Lea T and Soo Joo Park, hairstylist Guido Palau and celebrity colourist Tracey Cunningham. Here the model and actress talks to us about her own hair routine, pharmacy dye jobs and the next big challenge on the horizon for her.

“Basically, I needed some new hair stuff and thought these guys could point me in the right direction,” jokes Suki Waterhouse. We’re talking to the model and actress about her new role as brand muse, her second big beauty signing since Burberry’s Brit Rhythm fragrance in 2014. And she knows how big a deal it is. “Redken is such an iconic brand. It’s a huge honour to work with them, and get all the products! I love everything and am pretty happy I now get to use it all.”

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Hey everyone! Suki is the new model for the brand LABEL. I added the photos for the differents collections for this Spring. Enjoy !

Label [2015] > Spring 2015 > Collection Premium
Label [2015] > Spring 2015 > Collection Contemporary
Label [2015] > Spring 2015 > Collection Lipsy & Co
Label [2015] > Spring 2015 > Collection Casual
Label [2015] > Spring 2015 > Collection Shoes

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