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I read that you were scouted along Oxford Street as a teenager – it must have been strange to suddenly have people say “Do you want to be a model?”
I really wasn’t comfortable at that point with it so I waited a year, and even then I was doing karate competitions and wearing baggy combats and t-shirts. I used to be terrified going into the agency, they’d always be trying to get me to put a skirt and heels on!

What would you have been doing if you weren’t modelling?
My life doesn’t really consist of just modelling; I do everything I’m interested in from writing music to acting and photography.

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A few days ago, Magnum announced a partnership with Suki Waterhouse, and launch the Magnum Double. Its newest and most indulgent range with three flavours, Double Chocolate, Double Caramel and Double Peanut Butter. I have added the photoshoot, which by the way, is wonderful ! Enjoy!

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