Suki Waterhouse on a rare night off with GQ and Haig Club, the 25 year old joins Jack Guinness for drinks, dancing and just enough fun to feel refreshed the morning after. Enjoy!

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Suki released her first single, “Brutally,” back in November of 2016, and show she’s sharing the music video for the hazy breakup song. Instead, it captures that one moment after the end of a relationship when you realize everything is for the best. Waterhouse and director Émilie Richard-Froozan wanted the video to be as personal as possible, which meant stripping things down to the basics. In the end, they decided to alternate between clips from vintage movies and personal videos the star took of herself.

“We took footage from videos I shot on my camcorder that correlated with the essence of the song,” Waterhouse explained. “I was filming in moments I was finding hard to sit and be alone with my thoughts and memories, when I look back at the footage I feel an understanding of who I used to be…even if it’s very recent footage. It’s a record of the tapestry of my life.”
The clips from the vintage movies are almost exclusively of couples kissing, but toward the end, things take a darker turn. “Love isn’t always safe or pretty. We wanted to be honest,” she continued. “Sometimes love can be aggressive and abusive. These images of hard passionate kisses side-by-side with brutal behaviors is what, more often than, not a lot of people experience.”
Waterhouse wanted the juxtaposition of these clips to reveal that love is very different than the fairy tale depictions we see in movies growing up.
“We get told these stories and then we get so disappointed,” she said. “We hold love to such conditioned narratives, and I’m forever searching for answers in an imperfect structure.”
In working out these feelings, Waterhouse crafts a video that perfectly captures the liminal moments of heartbreak, reminding us that it’s never exactly good or bad — in the words of Waterhouse, “It just is.”

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Czech born Los Angeles-based director Eva Doležalová talks about her debut short, Sound of Sun, which stars model of the moment Suki Waterhouse and Sean Penn.

Suki Waterhouse has just signed on to be the face of Laura Mercier. As the inaugural “Mercier Muse” a program aimed at celebrating the individuality, Suki will front the brand’s fall 2017 and spring 2018 advertisements. Enjoy!

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HB: You’re constantly changing your hair and hair color—do you find it difficult to adapt your makeup? Or do you tend to wear the same products no matter what your hair color is?

SW: The times that my hair has been peroxide blonde I find myself needing more makeup, but generally I like to keep makeup quite natural; my go-to products are Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage and Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum SPF 20 Sunscreen for a natural, dewy look. They help skin to sing and look healthy. Those are my safety hero products which I know I can apply even in a moving car and they’ll do the job. At the moment, I’m playing an 18-year-old girl with pink hair, my character’s inspiration for makeup is Anime characters, so it’s been fun to experiment with brighter colors around my eyes, and pops of color on my lips.

HB: What are the beauty products you always carry with you?

SW: I like to carry a really small bag, so my favorite thing to have [in there are a handful of] Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour. They are a dream, with electric colors with silky smoothness on the skin. I just throw them on and smudge a bit. They can create any look, subtle or bold. The best part is once they are on they don’t budge!

HB: How do you think your British upbringing has influenced your beauty routine?

SW: I think being British gave me a very low-key approach to putting makeup on. Culturally the first thing that inspired me growing up in London was the Camden market heavy smokey eye look, which I wanted to emulate, so I started taking long romantic trips down the makeup aisle and experimenting with black eyeliner. When I first working in fashion and began to have my makeup done professionally on shoots, I fell in love with the ’60s cat eye look which definitely draws on British heritage too. When in doubt, just wing it. Life, eyeliner, everything.

HB: What are your go-to spots for facials?

SW: I go Shani Darden in Los Angeles for facials. Whenever I’m in London I run into the Waterhouse Young clinic for a hyaluronic facial, I promise I’m not being biased because it’s my dad’s place!

HB: What have been your favorite and least favorite red carpet beauty looks? Why?

SW: My favorite red carpet look was the first time I went to the Met Gala in 2014. To be honest any red carpet where I don’t get nervous and pull a bizarre face is a win for me!

HB: Let’s talk about your eyebrows. Did you ever feel pressure to have skinny brows back in the day? What is your maintenance philosophy like now?

SW: Heavy eyebrows run in the Waterhouse family, so before I acquired a tweezer when I was about 13 I would take a razor to my eyebrows and shave in-between them. There would be the occasional slip up which I think in the long run was a positive and resulted in potentially thicker brows.

HB: What is the one thing we’d be surprised to find in your medicine cabinet or makeup bag?

SW: I’ve been using organic apricot oil which is rich in omega six and vitamins A and E. I slather it on at night when my skin needs a moisture boost.

HB: How does it feel to now be working with Laura Mercier? Do you have any great memories or anecdotes of the brand to share?

SW: I have so many memories of the brand from a very young age. I used to watch my mum use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, it was her favorite product! It was the first makeup brand I knew as a little girl. I remember sneaking into her room and rifling through her makeup drawer to use it, so the brand naturally feels close to home.

I have added multiples photos of Suki for The White Princess in the gallery. You can also look the trailer below (that I forgot to post earlier). Enjoy!

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